Sunday, July 15, 2012

Have you run out of indoor crafts for kids?

With the unbearable heat of summer already upon us, I'm always looking for fun kids activities that can be performed indoors.  My kids love art projects, but there are only so many stick portraits one can draw.  Disney Family Fun listed a great Stick Art craft, which allows your kids (and yourself) to engage with nature INSIDE your airconditioned house - perfect!.  

crafts for kids

What you need:
- clear contact paper (in South Africa, we called it Fablon).
  (I had a lot leftover from previous projects, but you can also buy from Amazon at the above link)
  disclaimer contact paper is probably not eco-friendly, but I have yet to think of a good alternative.
- scissors
- tape
- hole punch
- cotton or ribbon to hang the finished product (we used scooby doo wire, we had in the craft room).
- leaves, dried flowers, etc  (this part may involve braving the heat outside *sorry*)

1.  tape a piece of contact paper, sticky side up, onto the surface you're working on
2.  decorate randomly with your leaves, flowers, sticks etc
3.  cover with another piece of contact paper, sticky on sticky
4.  trim with your scissors into a circle or other shape, we did one big shape and two smaller ones
5.  punch a hole and thread your ribbon through.

crafts for kids
crafts for kids
Here, I connected them to suctions caps to hang on the window

Happy crafting everyone

P.S. Let me know if you're successful with a greener alternative to contact paper.


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