Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fun green things to do with kids

Yesterday our city, Modiin, held a book swap where everyone was invited to bring old books or dvd's in good condition and to choose other ones to take home from the collection.  We took 5 items and were told we could 'on our honor' take home 5 alternate items (ie. there was no tickets or checking involved).

I took some healthy snacks in my bag and the kids and I had fun choosing books and a dvd. 

There was also a nice activity run by volunteers from the ecological farm in the area. 
We took pinecones and a fistful of local clay (I think it is collected from the riverbeds) and made porcupines

pine cone craft kidscraft with pinecones
Instructions: how to make the porcupine, take a pine cone and lay it on its side, squash a fistful of clay onto the side of the pine cone, leaving a lump near the pointed side of the cone. Mold the lump into the shape of a nose and smooth all the sides.  Finally, take a stick and poke holes for the eyes.

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