Sunday, June 10, 2012

All about chip wrapper purses

If you are looking for a challenging upcycling craft - you need to try making a chip wrapper purse!

The idea is to empty chip bags and upcycle them into a purse.  I didn't actually know this was possible until a couple of weeks ago.  Since then I have found that there are many people successfully creating these purses and not wanting to be left behind, I got right to it.

After 3-4 'working' days, this is where I'm up to:

What you need to start your own purse:
1. Superb instructions from Mylinda's Wrapper Purse Blog
2a. Empty potato chip bags (+/- magazine pages)
2b. I used old out-of-date booklets from my company, there were stacks of them waiting to be thrown into the paper recycling.
3. Dental Floss and Nan's Floss-tying instructions OR another type of strong thread.
4. An old credit card.
5. A lot of patience and time.
Seriously, just go to Mylinda's Wrapper Purse Blog, her instructions and accompanying photos are great. However, for the initial folding instructions, I recommend fluffyland, as I found their photos easier to follow.
 As you may or may not know, I am a family doctor and I work full time.  When I get home, there are kids to take care of and housework to complete, which is why even a few minutes at the end of a day in my office need to be taken advantage of for folding and joining...

I took these photos to show off my good start, my first 10 links in 5 minutes.. I considered that a good start.
My next photos, convey, why it took me a few hours, just to link up the first circle.
Totally Wrong
Totally Right

I will admit, that after realising how long this was going to take me, I almost gave up on the purse dream and settled for a bracelet instead, but I don't like giving up. So by sharing this craft with you on my blog, I am inviting you to start your own wrapper purse, and share your progress with me, and I'm also commiting myself to finish the purse, one way or another. 
If, despite my encouragement, you still aren't ready to commit to making a purse, you can use Terracycle's youtube instruction video to make a wrapper bracelet.

Happy wrapper-crafting everyone.

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