Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to upcycle a juice carton

Milk and Juice cartons are unfortunately (at least where I live), unrecyclable.  I try to buy these items in alternative, recyclable packaging, however I still do end up with quite a few cartons.
Disney Family Fun has a really cute video tutorial on how to make a wallet out of these cartons. 
So voila !
... here's my first upcycled juice carton wallet

Juice / Milk carton wallet

For instructions, and a link to the wallet template click here.
but here are some of my own tips
1. watch the entire video before you begin - my first attempt I skipped a detail and cut off the entire top
2. rinse out your carton first - unless you particularly want a mango-fragranced wallet.
3. if you have more than one child, make more wallets, my kids loved the wallet and didn't want to share.
3. if your cartons are smaller then the Family Fun template, you can just fold and tape it to fit, that's what I did in the picture below.

Resized carton wallet template

Happy wallet-making everyone

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